Capacity : 10/7, Cu.ft. or 300 / 210 Lit
Prime Mover: 6 H.P. Air Cooled or Water Cooled Diesel Engine (or) 5 H.P. Electric Motor with starter.
Power Transmission: Roller and Bush Chains.

Salient Features

  • Chasis: Made out of 5x2 ½ “ Channel.
  • A-Frame: Made out of 4” x 2” Channel
  • Yoke: Made out of Heavy Steel Plate
  • Drum Mixing: Heavy Duty C.I. Drum with Integral Gear
  • Blade: Specially designed blade of Heavy Flat & Plates, in order to avoid wear & tear.
  • Axil and Axil Frame: Removable axil and axil frame Will be made out of 5” x 2 ½ “ Channel.
  • Loading Hopper: Will be made out of Heavy Guage Sheet and angle.
  • Tilting Gear and Stearing Wheel: Heavy Duty C.I. Wheel and Spoked Steering.
  • Guards: Fabricated from heavy gauge steel sheet, which protect the prime mover and clutch from dust and rains.
  • Pneumatic Type: Depends upon customer needs pneumatic tyres can also fixed instead of C.I. Wheels.